Aikido is a modern Japanese martial art practiced for self-development and self-defense. Aikido is entirely defensive in its orientation.

Our training is designed to use Ki (life energy), rhythm, and the coordinated action of mind and body — rather than strength or brute force — so Aikido is effective regardless of weight, body size or gender.

The Kansas Ki Society provides training in Ki-Aikido and Ki Development through regularly scheduled classes for adults and children with special classes for elders. We also sponsor training seminars with guest instructors of international esteem and provide opportunities for our students to travel to seminars around the country and in Japan. We are affiliated with Ki no Kenkyukai (Ki Society International) and Ki-Aikido USA.

Ki Development is an important aspect of all our classes and we have special Ki classes focused on Ki Development training. These classes are useful to all our students, but are appropriate for people who want to utilize Ki energy and mind and body coordination in daily life and who may have limited interest in martial arts.  Ki Development and Ki-Aikido training involves breathing techniques and meditation.

We offer month-long introductory classes at regular intervals for those who desire to enter the path of Ki-Aikido. We have adult classes Monday and Wednesday evenings and Sunday morning. Children’s classes meet Wednesday afternoons and Saturday morning. Elders class meets Monday and Friday mornings.